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Hard Facts

Increased Performance

Nuxt 3 and Storyblok enabled a high-performance website with smooth navigation and fast response times.

Efficient content management

Switching to Storyblok reduced maintenance by over 50% and resulted in more consistent content.

Multilingual support

The migration simplified the update of multilingual content and ensured a consistent user experience.

User Interaction

3D animations illustrated my-PV products and improved the aesthetics of the website.

Positive customer feedback

Praising testimonials from my-PV, including reduced workload for content managers.

Improved document access

The revised "Info Center" enabled faster access to product instructions.


The company my-PV from Neuzeug was founded in 2011 by Dr. Gerhard Rimpler and Markus Gundendorfer, two former executives of a solar inverter manufacturer.

Since then, my-PV has developed into a major manufacturer for water heating and heating with photovoltaics. Many years of experience, idealism, persistence, innovative spirit and professionalism are the recipe for success, that has turned my-PV into a significant high-tech company in Austria with international reach.

In August 2021, the company moved in to its unique solar-electric company building at Betriebsstraße 12 in Neuzeug, Upper Austria. The devices that connect photovoltaic systems with the heat sector are developed and produced in Neuzeug. In July 2023 my-PV will triple the production area again, in order to be able to serve the increased demand.

The conviction that everyone has a right to clean and renewable energy drives the my-PV team in its work.

The Client

We solved

The my-PV team was facing several problems that were directly impacting their productivity and the overall user experience of their website. Built on Joomla, the website required significant time and effort to maintain and update content. The inflexible nature of Joomla made it challenging to manage and edit pages, leading to inconsistencies in design and layout.

The website also suffered from security vulnerabilities, putting the site at risk and the company in a position of potential customer mistrust. In addition, the site needed to manage a significant amount of multilingual content. However, each language had to be handled separately on Joomla, causing redundant entries and increasing the administrative workload. The need to manage separate entries for each language significantly increased the complexity of content management and took a toll on the website's overall performance.

The Problem

We provided

To address the content management issues that my-PV was facing with Joomla, we recommended a transition to a headless CMS – specifically, Storyblok. Unlike traditional CMS platforms where the front-end presentation layer is closely tied to the backend, a headless CMS separates the two. This allows developers to focus on building an efficient, user-friendly interface without worrying about back-end complexities. For content creators, this meant a significant reduction in the time spent maintaining and updating pages. It also meant that pages would have a consistent layout, regardless of who edited them.

We built the new website using Nuxt 3, a Vue.js framework known for its high performance and ease of integration with other systems. By leveraging Nuxt 3's capabilities, we were able to build a website that could handle the constant traffic that my-PV receives.

One feature which is one of the most important parts in the new Website is the so called "Info-Center" or internally known as Document Database. Using Storyblok, we improved the speed of access to the documents by syncing them from the CRM to Storyblok getting access to Storyblok's fast Content Delivery Features like full text search and filtering.

Multi-language support was another key requirement for the new website. Using Storblok's Field Level Translation feature, we were able to link multilingual pages, eliminating the need for duplicate entries.

The combination of these solutions effectively addressed my-PV's problems and challenges, resulting in a visually stunning, high-performing, and easy-to-manage website.

The Solution

Challenges we solved

Maintaining and Updating Content

my-PV's old website, as previously mentioned, was built using Joomla, which required a significant amount of time to maintain and update. Due to the way Joomla was structured, each page had to be managed individually, and having different editors work on the content often resulted in layout inconsistencies. Furthermore, multilingual articles needed to be handled separately for each language, leading to duplicate entries and additional administrative work.

Security Issues

The old website was susceptible to security vulnerabilities, which became evident when the site fell victim to a hacking incident. These security concerns emphasized the urgent need for a more secure, robust platform.

Data Migration

The task of migrating over 500 news articles from Joomla to Storyblok was not straightforward. Joomla's version my-PV used did not support API querying, creating additional complexity. To overcome this, we had to develop a PHP script to query the database, convert database rows into a readable JSON format, and ultimately transfer this data to Storyblok.

Linking Multilingual Content

In Joomla, multilingual articles were maintained as separate entries, lacking any connection between them. This made it challenging to manage and update related content across different languages. The challenge was to find a way to link these articles during the migration to Storyblok. Using semantic analysis we were able to link the articles and push them to Storyblok as a single entry.

API Integration

my-PV's existing CRM needed to be integrated with the new headless structure, while ensuring efficient communication between systems, and delivering a seamless user experience in combination with high performance with around-the-clock traffic. To ensure a seamless editor and user experience, the document database for the "Info Center", which is managed through my-PVs CRM System, also had to be synced with Storyblok using a task trigger.

User Experience

Design Aesthetics

AC ELWA 2 - before rendering

AC ELWA 2 - CAD File

We received CAD files for their products from my-PV which needed to be meticulously transformed into visually stunning 3D animations.

AC ELWA 2 - after rendering

AC ELWA 2 - Post Production

Our animation team had to texture these models, implement appropriate lighting effects, and animate them to bring the products to life.

From our clients & us

Summary of the project

Miriam Bozammita - my-PVStoryblok is an intuitive system that actually makes content maintenance fun for me. Not only can I publish content to the site quickly and easily, but I can also design and create completely new pages from scratch.

my-PV GmbH

Miriam Bozammita

Beate Gelbmann - my-PVLanguage management is much less complicated in Storyblok than in comparable content management systems.

my-PV GmbH

Beate Gelbmann

Markus Geilehner PortraitFor my-PV it was important that the new website combines the creative requirements of their marketing department as well as the needs of the technical areas. Thanks to Storyblok, all departments at my-PV as well as their customers can benefit from the new website.


Markus Geilehner

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