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Malerei und Fassaden: Helping Customers Understand Your Services

The Client

Malerei und Fassaden is a medium-sized painting company from Steyr. It offers services from interior to exterior work and from painting to flooring.

Malerei und Fassaden

Creating Clarity Through a Brand Refresh

In the past few years, Malerei und Fassaden continuously expanded their repertoire of services. They came to us with the following issue: People in town knew them, but not for all their various services, but only for painting walls. We were immediately excited get this project off the ground!

Starting things off with a quick analysis of the brand, we sat down with the client and mapped out what exactly had to be done in order to overcome this challenge.

In Short

What made this interesting?

Brand Refresh

In order to communicate all of our client's new services, we had to make a shift in how the brand was perceived - without losing it's identity.

Color Accuracy

With the client's profession being closely tied to colors, making sure all the colors, across digital and physical mediums, were true to our client's vision was of utmost importance.

Step by Step

Refreshing the Brand

With the client being named 'Malerei und Fassaden' (Painting and Facades), communicating just how much more they had to offer was a major challenge. To address this issue, we had to make some changes to how the brand presents themselves.

Finding just the right color(s)

On first glance, finding the right color for a client seems like a simple enough job. But when diving a bit deeper and thinking about all the different surfaces and mediums, a color has to work on, there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid. More on that, later on.

Showing off in both the digital and the physical world

Last but not least, actually executing on all the decisions made up to this point was a major part of the project. From simple print products like Branded Paper and Envelopes all the way to vehicle wraps and reworking the office building's entrance, various designs had to be created by our team.

How to: Shifting Perception

The major challenge of this project was making sure, that our client's customers understand that they can offer a lot more than just painting services.

There were 2 aspects we had to work on in order to make that happen:

  • Branding

  • Content


First off, we decided to add a tagline to the 'Malerei und Fassaden' Brand that more accurately represents the company. We talked through various ideas with the client and ended up with 'Mehr als Farbe' (more than color). For this change to really take effect and be noticed, we decided to not only add this tagline, but also give the branding itself a little touch up. The goal was not to change the identity and recognizability of the current branding in any way, but to change just enough so that people have a second look the next time they come across any 'Malerei und Fassaden' branding.


Our client already accumulated quite some content on their services on their old website. The issues we had to fix in that case were a manner of discoverability, readability and manageability. To address each and every one of those issues, we created a new page, using our state of the art tech stack, including Storyblok - a modern and reliable headless Content Management System - which made managing content way easier for our client. We presented the content in a way that was easy to find and understand and made sure that visitors could easily contact our client directly from the page using a tailor made form, including services required, timeframes and other relevant inputs, so that the process of onboarding a new client got a lot easier.

Mockups von Macbook, iPad und iPhone mit der neuen Malerei und Fassaden WebseiteInserat in gelb mit Bild von Bauprojekt
Bauzaun bespannt mit gelbem Malerei und Fassaden Banner

Yellow is not Yellow

Not only for us, as marketers and designers, but also for our client, yellow - and any color for that matter - comes in sheer endless numbers of shades. On top of that, there is a tremendous difference between painting a certain shade on a facade, putting it on a car or using it for a digital logo. While all of them seem to be the same color on the surface, conditions like material, lighting and the medium itself (digital or physical), make it very difficult to produce the exact same shade of a color on all the different mediums.

Since our client, understandably, is very particular about color, we had several sessions of comparing shades of yellow on test prints, embroidery, foil, digital mediums and even custom mixed painting colors on walls. To make sure that the color would be as accurate as possible, we ended up with exact definitions for several different color systems, from classic RGB, Hex and CMYK, to Pantone, PFX and APA.

Farbpaletten in Gelb und Dunkelgrau


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