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KAPPA Weinbau - digital lead funnel: web solution & social media campaign

About the project

Hard Facts

Individualized customer outcome

The time-consuming planning and ordering process is digitalised and the associated emissions and resource consumption are reduced.

Fully digital lead funnel

From first contact to requesting an offer, this digital lead funnel provides customers at every stage with all details necessary.

Increased Performance

Nuxt 3 and Storyblok enabled a high-performance website with smooth navigation and fast response times.

Increased sustainability

Incorrect orders & planning and the resulting CO2 emissions caused by unnecessary transport are reduced

The digital field planner calculates the number of products required in the soil of the vineyard and thus counteracts the surplus and the associated "galvanisation" of the vineyard. This reduces the metal load in the long term.


From the company headquarters in Steyr, Upper Austria, our team led by Christian Künstler cultivates partnerships with satisfied winegrowers from Austria, Germany and other well-known winegrowing regions throughout Europe.

Decades of experience in viticulture, both in production and sales, and the knowledge of the needs of winegrowers have made Kappa a leading quality supplier in Central Europe.

The Client

We solved

Before our collaboration, the client was actively seeking ways to further optimize their operations and strengthen their commitment to environmental sustainability. They were aware of the evolving landscape in digital technology and its potential to enhance their traditional viticulture practices. The goal was to identify opportunities for digital integration that could improve resource management and engage customers more effectively, without compromising their established standards of excellence and sustainability.

The Problem

We provided

The solutions we provided in this project targeted the multifaceted challenges of modernizing viticulture through digital transformation. At the forefront was our digital field planner, a groundbreaking tool designed to transcend the limitations of traditional, manual processes by offering a digital, automated solution. This innovation marked a pivotal shift towards greater efficiency, effectively replacing paper-based methods with a digital framework that significantly cut down emissions and resource use, aligning closely with sustainability goals.

Our approach emphasized not just the adoption of digital processes but also the precision and sustainability these digital tools bring. By accurately calculating the necessary quantities of materials, the digital field planner drastically minimized incorrect orders and associated CO2 emissions, showcasing a responsible stewardship of resources and a strong commitment to environmental protection. This precision further extended to reducing metal pollution in the soil, highlighting our dedication to implementing solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also safeguard the environment.

Moreover, our strategic social media campaign across Austria and Germany was instrumental in amplifying the reach and adoption of the digital field planner. Tailored to resonate with the local demographics and conditions, this marketing effort successfully bolstered customer engagement, showcasing our tool’s benefits to a wider audience and fostering a deeper connection with potential users.

In essence, the solutions we deployed demonstrate a harmonious synergy between digitalization and sustainability. Through innovative digital tools and targeted marketing strategies, we were able to not only streamline viticulture practices but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation. This project stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions in redefining traditional industries and steering them towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

The Solution

Challenges we solved

Digital transformation in viticulture

At the heart of this project was the ambitious goal of improving the way of working within a wine-growing company by implementing digital solutions. The key to success lay in the development and introduction of a digital field planner that not only digitalises traditional processes but also automates them, thereby significantly increasing efficiency.

Efficiency through digitalisation

The switch from manual, paper-based methods to digital processes led to a significant reduction in emissions and resource consumption. This measure not only automated internal processes such as orders and quotations, but also reduced the need for physical resources, which made a direct contribution to sustainability.

Sustainable precision

A particular focus was on minimising incorrect orders and the associated unnecessary CO2 emissions. The digital field planner made it possible to precisely calculate the necessary material quantities, which not only led to a reduction in transport, but also to a more responsible use of resources.

Environmental protection through technology

The contribution of the digital field planner to the reduction of metal pollution in the soil emphasises the potential of digital technologies to contribute directly to improving environmental conditions. By accurately calculating the amount of product needed, we prevented overuse and promoted sustainable vineyard management.

Customer engagement through targeted marketing

The accompanying social media campaign in Austria and Germany was crucial to maximising the reach and acceptance of the digital field planner. By adapting to local conditions and targeted socio-demographic targeting, we were not only able to increase the visibility of our tool, but also significantly increase the interest and engagement of potential customers.

Synergy of digitalisation and sustainability

This project impressively demonstrates how the targeted application of digital solutions and innovative marketing can increase efficiency and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection at the same time. The successful implementation of the digital field planner illustrates the immense potential of digitalisation to sustainably transform traditional industries such as viticulture and make them fit for the future.

User Experience

Design Aesthetics

KAPPA Website mockup

UI/UX optimised

Optimised UI/UX supports customer experience and supports lead generation.

KAPPA Website mockup

Bright, green, friendly

Our creative team developed the web design based on the existing corporate identity and reinforced the bright, green and friendly brand image.

From our clients & us

Summary of the project

kappaWorking together with Werbeberg was excellent. Dynamic team, I always got quick answers, the process and communciation were very efficient. Perfect.

KAPPA Weinbau - CEO

Christian Künstler

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