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IDEAL AKE - Visualize the Invisible

About the Project

Hard Facts

Visualizing Functionality

Actions like airflow and setting up the device, which are otherwise more complicated to portray in a video format, were visualized through the utilization of particle simulations and additional animation.

Photorealistic Product Display

The photorealistic look of the product is created through an appropriate light set-up and custom textures that even include imperfections like fingerprints and dust.

Easy Replicability

To cater to the international market two versions of the product video were created, displaying Celsius and Fahrenheit respectively. This was achieved by simply replacing the screen texture, therefore keeping the additional effort to a minimum.


The company IDEAL AKE was founded over 70 years ago in Gmunden. Since then, they have not stopped innovating and today IDEAL AKE is shaping refrigeration and heating engineering with their developments, focussing on their customers and service quality on a global scale.

The Client


To expand their already existing product videos, IDEAL AKE approached us to create a 3D visualization of their display heating case “Hot Vario”. The goal was to portray not only the versatility of the product, being able to stack up to four countertop display cases on top of each other and the different food presentation inserts, but also to visualize the heated air flow inside the case.

The Project

The Result

After receiving the CAD-files for the product we started with setting up each of the three scenes, including texturing the models, modelling and texturing the packaging for the different snacks that were to be displayed in the “Hot Vario”, as well as creating a fitting lighting set-up.

The first two scenes required only simple animations, displaying the expansion from one module up to four and the different food inserts including various snacks respectively. The third scene focuses on the warm air flow inside the case, which we solved by running several layers of simulations to visualize the correct trajectories of the air particles, moving around the displayed snacks, circling inside the case as well as being pulled back into the heating system.

To also cater to the international market two sets of animations were created, one reading the Celsius temperature on the display and one reading the Fahrenheit values. Due to the nature of 3D animation this resulted in a minimal additional effort, only consisting of replacing the screen texture with the second screen design and rendering the new animations, showcasing one of the big advantages 3D visualizations have compared to a traditional product video in cases like these.

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