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Utilizing Markencode methodology, we onboarded our partner Brands and Friends Markenmanagement GmbH and embarked on an extensive brand strategy process. to enhance brand communications.

Product & innovation team launch

Based on the strategy process, we accompanied the launch of the new product and innovation team HYDRAC SMARTline with 3D animation videos, Headless landing page and social media and Google Ads campaign.


As an Austrian, family-owned industrial company, HYDRAC is recognized as a reliable, predictable, and competent partner for its customers and suppliers. The company specializes in the development and production of agricultural and municipal machinery at the highest technical level. Its Research & Development department is considered the most competent in the entire industry.

The high demands of its customers enable HYDRAC to consistently deliver outstanding performances. Under the motto "Quality is what remains when the price is long forgotten," customers can rely on HYDRAC products for decades. Customer needs dictate the company's philosophy and actions. Achieving outstanding customer benefits and long-term customer loyalty is HYDRAC's primary goal. The company's innovations shape the future together with its customers. With unique ideas, HYDRAC continuously creates new solutions, adds value, and thus, enhances its customers' success. By optimizing its processes and fostering learning in all areas, HYDRAC continually improves its offerings for its customers.

HYDRAC achieves excellence through outstanding leadership, fostering trust, and granting its employees significant autonomy in decision-making and creativity.

The Client

We solved

Before embarking on this project, HYDRAC was at a pivotal moment, seeking to enhance its strategic focus and amplify its market presence. The company was keen on harnessing more advanced methodologies for product development and customer engagement, recognizing the potential to further align its offerings with customer expectations. While HYDRAC's commitment to quality was evident, there was an opportunity to leverage digital platforms more effectively to showcase its innovative products and connect with a broader audience.

In terms of product visualization, HYDRAC was exploring innovative ways to communicate the unique features and benefits of its machinery, aiming to provide customers with a clearer understanding of the value and technical superiority of its products. Additionally, HYDRAC sought to refine its marketing strategies, aiming to create more targeted and engaging campaigns that would better highlight its latest innovations and foster excitement among its target market.

The Problem

We provided

Our project with HYDRAC showcased our expertise in delivering comprehensive solutions across multiple facets of brand development and product launch. Starting with strategy development, in collaboration with Brands & Friends we employed the Markencode methodology, establishing a strategic foundation that guided HYDRAC towards innovation and market engagement. The creation of HYDRAC SMARTline, an in-house R&D team, marked a significant step in emphasizing HYDRAC's dedication to technological advancement.

To modernize HYDRAC’s digital footprint, we redesigned their online presence with a focus on a headless CMS, enhancing site performance and user experience. This approach allowed for a seamless presentation of HYDRAC's innovative products, ensuring their qualities and benefits were effectively communicated to a digital audience.

Utilizing 3D animation, we transformed the way HYDRAC’s products were visualized, providing an immersive experience that detailed the functionality and superiority of their machinery. This innovative visualization technique proved essential in distinguishing HYDRAC’s offerings in the competitive market.

Our dynamic marketing campaign, anchored around a major international agricultural machinery fair in Germany, leveraged targeted social media and Google Ads to generate excitement and awareness for HYDRAC’s new product line. This strategic marketing effort successfully drove engagement and anticipation, further solidifying HYDRAC’s position in the industry.

The Solution

Challenges we solved

Strategy Development and Launch Support

We embarked on a comprehensive strategy development journey with HYDRAC. Our collaboration began with a deep dive into HYDRAC's strategic goals, leading to the establishment of a clear path for product innovation and market engagement, working with our partner Brands & Friends, relying on precise Markencode methodology. We proudly supported HYDRAC through the launch of their products, and in the formation of their new in-house innovation team, HYDRAC SMARTline. This team, dedicated to research and development, signifies HYDRAC's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in their sector.

Modernizing Brand Identity

Understanding the importance of a digital presence in today’s market, we revitalized HYDRAC’s online identity. Our team designed a landing page that not only embraced a modernized version of HYDRAC's corporate design but also implemented a headless content management system (CMS). This strategic choice not only enhanced the site's performance and scalability but also optimized the user experience across different platforms, ensuring that HYDRAC's innovative products are showcased to their full potential.

Innovative Product Visualization

Recognizing the intricate nature of HYDRAC's products, we leveraged the power of 3D animation and visualization to bring these innovations to life. This approach allowed us to transcend traditional marketing methods, offering potential customers an immersive and experiential understanding of the products’ functionalities and benefits. Through vivid animations, we were able to highlight the unique features and superior quality of HYDRAC's machinery, making it easier for customers to grasp the value these products bring to their operations.

Dynamic Marketing Campaign

To amplify the launch of HYDRAC's new product line, we orchestrated a targeted social media and Google Ads campaign, centered around a major international agricultural machinery fair in Germany. This strategic positioning was crucial in generating buzz and excitement among the target audience, effectively raising awareness about HYDRAC's innovative offerings. Our campaign focused on creating engaging content that resonated with the agricultural community, driving traffic to the newly designed landing page and fostering anticipation for the product unveiling.

Through a combination of strategic planning, digital innovation, and creative marketing, our impact has been instrumental in redefining HYDRAC's brand presence and introducing their latest products to the market. Our holistic approach ensured that every aspect of the project, from conceptualization to execution, was aligned with HYDRAC's vision of excellence and innovation. We are happy to have played a role in HYDRAC's journey and look forward to continuing our partnership, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the agricultural machinery industry.

From our client


Foto Simon HammerThe project was intense for both of our companies. The relaunch and positioning of our new SMARTline product had sharp deadlines that were met punctually. Werbeberg has proven itself as reliable partner and the cooperation has been very fruitful.

HYDRAC Pühringer GmbH & Co KG - Head of Sales

Simon Pammer

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