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GEM2GO - How We Amplified Impact Across Channels

The Client

RIS is the company that created GEM2GO, the only mobile citizen service app that combines all of Austria's municipalities in one app. All important info and news at your fingertips.



Communicating the Release of a Major App Update

We have worked with RIS on several occiasions and were really excited when they told us about the next major update to their GEM2GO App.

They had everything planned out in terms of how the app should look like and what needed to change. What wasn't as clear - how to get their customers and partners on board.

That's where we came in. Our job was to figure out how and where to communicate this milestone in GEM2GO's journey and accompany our friends at RIS along that way. This included not only taking a deep dive into who exactly their target group was and how to effectively talk to them, but also creating all media for the whole campaign and making optimal use of the available communications channels.

In Short

What made this interesting?

Brand Analysis

Together with our friends at Brands & Friends, we made sure to correctly pinpoint not only the needs and pains of our client, but also their competitors and target group.

Agile Workflows

With only about a month to start the campaign off, we relied on our agile workflows to asynchronously plan and create content, while always giving our clients the chance to contribute.


Communicating across more than 10 distinct mediums, we made sure to reach every customer at the right point and time.

Step by Step

Knowing the client

While having a good time with your clients over a beer or two is great, it's not what we mean when we say, that we need to know our client. In order to produce content that feels authentic and conveys the messages effectively, taking a close look at who our client is as a brand and how they are - and want to be - perceived by their customers can be essential.

Having a proper plan

Realistically, nothing ever goes 100% according to plan. Our clients having a change of mind about something or simply giving additional input along the way is to be expected - and in a lot of cases even a great thing! But to be able to quickly react to that, the base plan has to be solid.

Creating Compelling Content

Last but not least, actually producing the content that will make the customers put their trust into our client, is the part where the 'classic' work begins. PR articles, newsletters, web graphics, social media posts, video content and much more are part of what made this campaign work.

Presenting: 'Markenkern'

Before even really kicking of the project, we took the time and together with our friends at Brands & Friends, we took our clients through the process of discovering and defining their identity as a brand using the framework of 'Markenkern'.

Using this technique, we not only helped clarify who GEM2GO is and how the brand needed to communicate, but also worked out their positioning in the market as a whole and specifically towards their direct competitors.

These insights were essential for creating text, imagery and video content that really represented our client and elevated them from their competitors.

Quick and Steady

With just over a month until the start of the campaign, we had to act fast. But with all the information from the previous step, we were prepared to map out the campaign and make sure that we would reach all the right people using the optimal channels in record time.

Thanks to the solid foundation that the 'Markenkern' process provided, we were able to swiftly create an extensive plan and establish a smooth feedback process with our client.

Using our usual agile workflows, we managed to start off the campaign with several weeks worth of content ready to go.

RIS Brief Postwurf
RIS Flyer Postwurf

Multiple Target Audiences

A challenge we not only faced during this campaign, but are - as I am writing this case study - actively helping our client to overcome in several aspects of their business, are the duality in their target audience.

As a provider of a mobile citizen app, our client has to effectively communicate with both the app's end users, who are the citizens, and the municipalities' officials, who are the people managing and providing the content for their citizens through the app.

To address this issue, we had to make sure to always reach the correct person, at the correct point and time through the appropriate channels with content tailored to them. This is part of the reason we ended up communicated across more than 10 different channels.

How do you reach Municipality Officials?

This was a question we faced early on when working out the ins and ends of this campaign. We understand that it is hard to put trust into a software provider. Most people can't strongly relate to a company like that and to making them feel understood is oftentimes very difficult.

But who do municipality officials trust? Well, the simple answer is - each other! And by that we don't mean the major trusting their secretary ;)

Giving the Officials a Voice - for our use case, this was the conclusion. By interviewing majors and other officials, we were able to give our client someone who would proudly vouch for them, and their customers someone to put their trust into!

RIS Social Media Posts


What our client says about this

Gregor Gollner von RISThe communities are all in a very good mood and are already very well informed (before the release of the optimised app). You can really see that the communication is getting through and the information is getting to where it needs to go.


Gregor Gollner

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