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Hard Facts

Digital Assistants

AI-generated avatars and digital assistants can be found throughout the website to help users navigate the site and present the new way of digital communication.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support is a key part of the USP of Digital Hunter and its digital assistants. That's why the website supports multiple languages, which are maintained in the background in Storyblok as a content management system. The translation also works through AI.

Native 3D Universe

Digital Hunter are part of a "universe". That's why a complete interactive 3D universe has been integrated, allowing you to navigate through the individual components of the universe.


In addition to normal contact options, a configurator for a customised avatar / assistant has also found its place.

High Performance

Nuxt 3 and Storyblok enabled a high-performance website with smooth navigation and fast response times.

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Project Details

About Digital Hunter

Digital Hunter Austria are the specialists in digital communication in their Digital Hunter Universe. One of their tools are lifelike & interactive digital assistants. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used in many areas.

Multilingual Support

The website itself is built in Nuxt 3 & Storyblok as a content management system. One of the most important components is multilingualism, as the avatars can also be generated in a relatively large number of languages.

In the background, maintaining several languages in the CMS would mean a relatively large amount of content. Thanks to Storyblok, however, we are able to automate the translation of a page with one click and translate it into any X languages.

Design & Performance

The design of the website should have a modern style. Werbeberg has no problem with this in principle. The challenge was to create a complete, native 3D universe as a landing page. After a short concept phase, we realised this 3D universe with the help of ThreeJS.

For data protection reasons, third-party integrations require your consent to be loaded. More information can be found in our data protection declaration.

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