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Business Class Steyr - Communicating a Regions Offer

About the Project

Hard Facts

Communicating an entire Region

The diverse range of services offered by Business Class Steyr covers all aspects of tourism in Steyr. We packaged these together in a film.

Large Scale Video Production

Over 28 individual video shoots to show the wide range of services offered by Business Class Steyr.

Seamless Content Production

Subsequent long-term support of the social media channels based on the video material created.


Business Class Steyr is an association of various providers, customers and topic representatives in the Steyr area. Together they develop appealing offers and manage them from coordination to marketing.

The Client


Organising and hosting large congresses and conferences in Steyr. This is exactly what the Business Class Steyr network makes possible in the Steyr tourism region. We were able to present the network's wide range of services in an image film.

The Project

Goals and Challenges

The diversity of members that make up Business Class Steyr was a core theme in the concept from the outset. It was therefore clear that many different shots of the members were needed. We also wanted a protagonist to accompany the viewer through the various points in the video.

The Result

To shoot the image film, we visited 28 companies in Steyr and made video recordings on location. In order to maintain a consistent storyline, we worked with an actor at 6 of these companies. The image film of Business Class Steyr shows in less than 2 minutes the wide range of services that Steyr has to offer for congresses and conferences.

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