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May 28, 2024

Hands on Data 2024

The "Hands on Data" digitalization event is taking place again this year. Last year, around 100 participants attended Steyr's first digitalization congress in the digitalization center at Steyr University of Applied Sciences.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024, admission at 6:00 pm

FH Steyr Digitization Center Wehrgrabengasse 1-3, 4400 Steyr

Exciting Talks

The choice of topics has been decided: Steyr's second digitization congress will focus heavily on the topic of artificial intelligence. "AI is an important topic that will continue to be part of our everyday lives in the future," says Tobias Kammerhofer, Managing Director of the Werbeberg agency. Six qualified speakers will shed light on the topic from different perspectives. Kammerhofer: "It is important to us that everyone can take something away with them. That's why the presentations are designed to be exciting, so that our event is an added value for the region, SMEs and all interested parties".

Organized together

As in the previous year, "Hands on Data" is a joint event organized by several partners. Initiated by the Werbeberg agency, strong partners are involved in the organization: In addition to Steyr University of Applied Sciences and WKO Steyr, these include the Steyrland and Zukunftsregion Steyr networks, as well as IT Experts Austria. Kammerhofer: "Without these partners, the event would not be possible. Everyone contributes their expertise and plays a key role in ensuring that the event is well-positioned in terms of content and organization".

Join us!

28. Mai








Simon Hartl

Making data usable for AI

Simon Hartl (Digital Change GmbH)

In order for AI to work, data, especially company data, usually has to be made readable first. Only with a good data structure is it possible to generate good results from an AI.

Jakob Stadlhuber

AI models / LLMs for companies

Winkk is an AI Large Language Model (LLM) specifically for sensitive enterprise data. This keynote will briefly outline what an LLM is and how companies can use it.

Valentina Schmelzer

New ways of working thanks to digitalization

Valentina Schmelzer (LIT Open Innovation/JKU)

Digitalization enables new types of working environment. The LIT Open Innovation Center in Linz is researching and working in this direction. Their Co Working Spaces will be used to show what opportunities are now available in this area, even for more established companies.



15 Minuten

Simon Vogelhuber und Markus Geilehner

Product presentations on the web

Markus Geilehner & Simon Vogelhuber (Werbeberg Digital Communications GmbH & Co KG)

Putting your own product in the ideal light? Using the example of various products, it will be shown how 3D visualizations make it possible to achieve higher success rates in the online sector and at the same time demonstrate new possibilities for product visualizations.

Sonja Strasser

Machine Learning in Production

Sonja Strasser (FHOÖ/Steyr)

AI has also long since gained a foothold in production. This presentation will demonstrate various possible applications and show how data-driven machine learning can be used to optimize production.







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