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What are 3D visualizations?

Special features

3D visualizations and animations have a powerful and extraordinary effect. But why are three-dimensional animations so much more expressive and credible than two-dimensional applications? There is a simple explanation:

In reality, people are used to a visual experience with spatial depth. Digital animations in 3D reproduce precisely this spatial experience and thus simulate our perception of reality. The consequences are higher recall values and a stronger emotionalization of the viewer.

Advantages of 3D product visualizations

  • Product presentation even before the actual product is finished thanks to 3D prototypes

  • Realistic visualization even of products that are difficult to photograph, transport or physically manufacture

  • 360° product view from all perspectives

  • Better material, shape, color and surface view than with simple product photography

  • Possibility for interactive product experiences (augmented reality, fold-out product interaction, configuration, etc.)

Applications of 3D visualizations

01// Products and projects
Complex products and projects can be easily explained using 3D visualizations and 3D animations. They are not only used to illustrate future products in an internal context, but also have many other advantages. This makes it possible to stand out from competitors in the industry with extraordinary product or project presentations. Stakeholders can be shown realistic, digital versions of the future product even before the first product dummy. Similarly, a complicated project can be explained using 3D visualizations and 3D animations to illustrate the idea.

02// Complicated processes
Sometimes certain product applications or assembly processes turn out to be much more complicated than desired. And these should then be explained as quickly and simply as possible for interested parties and stakeholders without withholding important features. 3D visualizations can work wonders and provide real support. The detailed animation of processes that require explanation delivers a clear message through the mix of visual and textual content and leaves no questions unanswered.

03// Installations and instructions
Tricky instructions can be easily explained with 3D visualizations. The installation of a product or device can also be shown quickly with the help of 3D animations. This keeps potential customers engaged with the product for longer and gives them more confidence, which encourages online shoppers in particular to make a purchase.


For all their complexity, 3D visualizations are most effective when they appear simple. This is precisely what makes 3D so special: it simplifies presentations and the introduction and explanation of product lines, processes or other marketing or communication-related messages. In summary, 3D visualizations can be used to simplify important and complex issues while still presenting them attractively.

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