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The term "viral" refers to the viral spread of an image, video or post through multiple sharing on the Internet. A campaign goes viral when it is considered particularly interesting, funny or worth seeing. It remains in the conversation and is spread by users via the platform or across platforms without the company itself having anything to do with it. If high-quality content is offered that provides added value for users, the chance of it becoming a viral campaign increases. This in turn results in greater reach, longer visibility and is remembered for longer.

Tips for your social media campaign

1. Be active where your target group is

Does your target group spend a lot of time online and are they mainly on newer platforms such as TikTok? Then there is little benefit in presenting yourself via print media or on Facebook. Even if you may not be an expert on these platforms, don't shy away from using them. Get support from experts who are close to your target group and familiar with the platform and create a presence that attracts attention. Your message should be communicated exactly where your target group is.

2. Offer unique and exclusive experiences

Campaigns have the characteristic that they are generally only played out over a certain period of time. Paired with one-off offers, such as a limited edition product as part of the campaign or an exclusive competition, extraordinary experiences can be offered. These specials are also more likely to lead to increased sharing, mentioning or interaction with the post.

3. Look behind the facade

What changes and challenges does your target group have to deal with? Younger people in particular often do not feel understood or valued and therefore find it difficult to break through the barrier to companies. As a company, show that you know your target group. Focus the campaign on topics that are important to them and that may already be on their minds. With a touch of humor and a little sensitivity, you can create a basis for a potentially viral campaign.

4. Get in when the interaction breaks out

There's nothing worse than when the campaign is well received, the target group starts interacting and the company fails to get involved. Whether it's specific questions or simple reactions from users, stay on the ball and observe what the interactions look like. Intervene when there are questions and enjoy the exchange with your target group.

5. Learn from mistakes and stay present

Mistakes happen and campaigns can also backfire. Don't take it lightly if your campaign is less successful and try to learn from it for the next time. If there are shitstorms, stay present and don't disappear from the scene. Minor mistakes can often lead to a fun follow-up campaign. But always show understanding and take the input from your target group seriously.

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