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3D visualizations on websites

Possibilities of 3D on websites

//01 Advantages of the online product presentation

Not only stakeholders, but also potential and current customers benefit from 3D visualizations on a website. By integrating 3D models, animations or interactive 360° views, users have the opportunity to view products from different angles. This provides a deep insight into the product and allows users to get a comprehensive picture. This not only reduces the likelihood of returns, but also increases satisfaction. In addition, the product is presented in an appealing and interactive way. The company shows itself to be future-oriented and offers interested parties additional added value on its website.

//02 Eye catcher on the homepage

The first impression of a website is often the most decisive reason for the next steps a visitor takes. Companies from a wide range of industries therefore try to place the most important information directly on the homepage. However, if unusual, unique and rarely seen methods are used to differentiate your own initial appearance from the competition, users usually tend to want to delve even deeper, as they hope for further exciting elements. using 3D visualizations and animations on the very first landing page therefore proves to be an unforgettable eye-catcher.

//03 Product presentation and configurator

A popular way to integrate 3D visualizations on the company website is to use them for products. As previously mentioned, 3D helps to provide a comprehensive insight into a product and to view it from all sides. The use and application of the product can also be clearly explained using 3D.

In addition, entire product configurations can be set up in 3D. This guarantees that users can view their product as a realistic visualization at every step and every selection. The product configuration can be viewed from all angles and individually tailored.

//04 Explanations

It is often necessary to communicate content that is difficult for laypeople to understand or that proves to be incredibly complex as a process in itself. thanks to their versatile perspectives, 3D visualizations offer ways to show content that requires explanation more clearly and make it tangible in the usual spatial depth. 3D models are animated and enriched with additional spoken text or text descriptions in order to simplify complex topics in the best possible way.

//05 Interactive 3D worlds of experience

3D can also be used to create a comprehensive world of experience. Many people are already familiar with virtual and augmented reality. This involves the use of simulated environments that either insert digital elements into the real environment (augmented reality) or create a complete simulated environment that people can immerse themselves in (virtual reality). The interplay of simulation and reality offers people a completely new experience that will definitely be remembered.


3D visualizations on websites are an excellent way to present content in an innovative way and make a decisive contribution to effectively addressing and convincing both stakeholders and customers.

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