komplexer Prozess wird mittels 3D animation veranschaulicht

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Explaining complex processes simply

Arouse the interest of stakeholders

Stakeholders play a decisive role in product development. To attract their attention and serve their interests, meaningful presentations are required. The integration of 3D visualizations on a website makes it possible to present a vivid and cost-efficient model of the planned product. The realistic 3D models can be viewed from any perspective and explained in detail, making communication with stakeholders much easier.

What you see stays in your memory

What we see with our own eyes is also what we remember most. The reason for this is that we associate certain feelings and moods with the images, colors and shapes. The perception of moving images has an even more intense effect. Animations or videos encourage us to fully immerse ourselves in the action. In some cases, moving images are also enriched with auditory impressions, stimulating not only our sight but also our hearing. Moving images increase attention and emotionality and thus lead to a higher level of information transfer.

In addition, explanatory videos are one of the best ways of presenting complex topics in a way that is understandable for interested parties. This means that even comprehensive designs no longer pose problems when presenting them to customers outside the specialist field. Thanks to the 3D elements, the product, machine etc. can be shown from any perspective and angle - no matter how big or small it is.

3D vs 2D animation

Three-dimensional impressions prove to be much more detailed and practical than conventional 2D animation. Some of the main advantages are

  • Depiction of the smallest details is possible

  • Free choice of perspective and movement in space

  • 3D animations appear more real and credible, as they come closest to our everyday visual habits

  • Once created, 3D models can be reused quickly and easily


It is often difficult for companies to explain complex content or products to laypeople in a way that they can understand. 3D models can be animated in various ways for illustration purposes and used as visual support.

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