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Why digitalisation is so important in 2024

Around two thirds of the companies surveyed stated that they see digitalisation as an opportunity for their company. Digitalisation is progressing at groundbreaking speed and has never been as relevant as it is today. It is hard to imagine everyday life without digitalisation. Many everyday processes, both private and professional, are increasingly based on digital processes. Communication, shopping and even work are increasingly taking place digitally.

The term digitalisation describes the shift from analogue processes to digital, automated processes. In order to adapt to the spirit of the times and remain relevant as a company and continue to develop, it is therefore essential to rely on a digital infrastructure.

Efficiency and flexibility

The automation of repetitive processes reduces the workload of employees and minimises the potential for errors to enable a smoother and faster process. The reduced workload does not result in the rationalisation of employees, but means that they can turn their attention to more important, more relevant tasks that drive the company forward. Work is also more flexible. As data can be accessed from anywhere, working models such as working from home are made possible.

Crisis resistance

The coronavirus crisis has shown that a digitalised company structure makes it more resistant to such crises and protects companies from serious setbacks. The crisis triggered a surge in digitalisation and many companies saw this as an opportunity to optimise existing operations or tap into new business areas. Digitalisation is progressing steadily, which is why it is important for companies not to rest on their laurels but to continue digitalising their business.

Customers take centre stage

Customers also experience many advantages through digitalisation. The filter functions make it easier and quicker to search a company's offering for relevant information.

Opening up new market areas

Another advantage is the expansion of the market field. Global networking also offers the opportunity to attract and serve international customers. A multilingual website enables smooth communication between customers and the company.

You can read about how we supported MEHLER Elektrotechnik with digitalisation in this case study.

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