Types of campaigns

Types of marketing campaign

1. Traditional marketing campaign:

Aim: to increase brand awareness

The traditional marketing campaign is carried out via traditional communication channels such as TV, radio or newspaper advertisements. The focus here is on the presence of the brand or a product. Existing and potential customers should recognize the added value and remember the brand as an integral part. As a player in the constantly growing flow of information, this type of campaign proves to be very difficult in some industries, as innovative yet informative content must be offered.

2. Image campaign:

Goal: Build and maintain brand image

Larger companies in particular regularly carry out image campaigns. Special or currently relevant topics are addressed and disseminated via as many communication channels as possible. Why is the product or brand so special and helpful? What does the company do differently from others? Is the company committed to current projects? Questions like these can be chosen as the starting point for an image campaign in order to convince existing and potential customers.

3. Rebranding campaign:

Goal: Communicate rebranding and changes to the outside world

After rebranding a company, those responsible usually decide on a rebranding campaign to spread the change. The focus here is on clearly communicating information and (re)positioning the company. Regardless of whether the rebranding is large or small, the result should be a change in the target group's mindset when they come across related content in the future. New attitudes and goals can also be relevant for generating new customers and should therefore also be included in campaign planning.

4. Product or brand campaign

Goal: Introduce the product or brand and arouse interest

A company's new products or brands are usually followed by a campaign. After all, the novelty should also be communicated to customers and potentially interested parties. As you might expect, this type of campaign focuses on a product or a specific brand. The content is about its features, functionality and benefits for users. It is particularly important to communicate the added value of the product or brand and to create a need to opt for that product or brand in the future.

5. Campaign topics

Objective: To inform the target group about a predefined topic

Topic campaigns can range from information worth knowing to current facts and circumstances. In this context, they therefore focus on a specific topic. As the relevance lies in conveying a certain information content, it is particularly important to formulate the message in a way that is appropriate and target group-oriented. If the content is well thought out and clearly formulated, the information can be successfully conveyed via the topic campaign.

6. Online campaign

Goal: From image cultivation to product presentation

Online campaigns are growing in popularity with the changing times. With the extensive use of the Internet, a large audience can be addressed via this channel. Various digital channels, such as ads on Google or social media, are used here. Banners and email marketing are also still considered successful campaign channels. Online campaigns are usually used as part of multichannel campaigns - i.e. via several channels simultaneously - over a certain period of time.

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