Everything about campaigns

But what exactly is a marketing campaign? A marketing campaign is usually a temporary action by a company that aims to achieve a predetermined result. Various channels are used to reach the target group. Channels can be, for example

  • TV, radio

  • Online ads

  • Social media

  • Print advertising

  • Email marketing

Planning is the be-all and end-all

So how do you start a successful campaign? With a lot of planning and company analysis. The decisive factor at the beginning is the definition of a clear, measurable goal. Measurable means that the desired result can be easily monitored and evaluated during and after the campaign using defined KPIs (key performance indicators). This is helpful for measuring the success of the campaign and initiating follow-up measures. Potential goals of a marketing campaign can include increasing sales, building the company's image or expanding its reach.

Once the objective of the campaign has been defined, the next step is targeting. Targeting refers to who is to be specifically addressed with the campaign - in this sense also the target group definition. Companies often already have their target group pre-defined, but it is still important to take another look at this for each campaign. Different campaign goals are sometimes also relevant for other people and require targeting adjustments.

Once the objective and targeting have been defined, the next step is to address the right channels. Adapted to the objective and target group, some channels prove to be more useful than others. Where can I find potentially interested people and will they respond to my content? Once this question has been answered, there are usually already some suitable channels for the campaign.

Stay exciting

No matter how long and intensive the planning is, the content is ultimately what attracts interested parties. That's why it's important to deliver clear added value and stay in people's minds with innovative ideas. Whether it's information worth knowing, funny phrases or emotional memories, people want to be picked up and surrounded by exciting content. In the best case scenario, the target group wants to become an active part of the campaign. Brand-specific hashtags, exclusive image and video material and even competitions increase the potential for interaction. If they actively participate in something and thus become part of the community, emotions and feelings will be involved and the campaign will be remembered for longer in the long term.

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